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Innovative combination of technology and nature

What is MiBiome?

MiBiome™ Advanced Topical Suspension is an innovative all natural product, formulated with SEKDA™ Probiotic Complex which has a positive impact on the dermal microbiome.


Extensive research shows, that the microbiome of unhealthy skin differs from that of healthy skin.

Based on this research, ClearSkin scientists have developed an innovative suspension enriched with our unique SEKDA™ Probiotic Complex.

MiBiome™ Advanced Topical Suspension acts as a skin probiotic, rebalancing the dermal microbiome.

MiBiome™ development is supported by the Israeli Innovation Authority and multiple patents have been submitted.


MiBiome™ Advanced Topical Suspension is an innovative all natural product formulated with a probiotic complex to soothe and rebalance the ecosystem of the skin.

Each ingredient was chosen for it’s known beneficial dermal characteristics to leave your skin smoother, more nourished, soothed and more pleasant to the touch.

✓  All natural ingredients
✓  Steroid free
✓  SLS and SLES free
✓  Dye free

Clinical Study Results

Preliminary clinical study results

Click to view PDF file:

Clinical report outlines-Nov 2018

MiBiome™ testimonials

We highly recommend MiBiome™ 
to soothe and rebalance excessively dry, red, irritated or scaly skin.

5 stars
5 stars
5 stars

“Amazing solution! The itching has stopped and the annoying layer disappeared. Hope it will get better and better. It’s a real miracle. I have being using it for 3 weeks and it does wonders”

5 stars

“Hi, I have started to use this product following the publication on the web page of the “Psoriasis family”. After a week of use, the lesions became more flat and less red. In addition, the company monitors the improvement and advises accordingly. You should try, so far positive outcome.”

5 stars

“The product that does wonders. I started using this product a few months ago and I feel a really good impact on my psoriasis.  It’s no longer itching and the sores are being healed. I warmly recommend”

5 stars

“My husband has been using it for 3 weeks and there is considerable improvement. Hopefully everything will disappear quickly. So far this is the first product that really helped. Well done Milana!”

5 stars

“After using the product results were wonderous, I highly recommend”

5 stars

“I bought [it] for my father that has being searching for something that would help or alleviate the symptoms he has suffered from for over a decade. After using the suspension for a month, he had a wonderful results while most of psoriasis improved or disappeared. It’s simply amazing. Thank you so much”



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30ml /1fl. oz


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$64.9 per bottle



50ml/1.7fl.oz x 3

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50ml /1.7fl. oz

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Dermatologically tested​

Tested on 50 volunteers. Study performed in Europe: "No subjects discontinued or missed any of evaluation. No reaction (irritation) was observed in any of the 50 volunteers."

Safety Assessment

European safety assessment report: "We confirm that the product is safe in the stated application when used under normal and reasonably foreseeable use. Its composition complies with EC Regulation 1223/2009 and all its annexes."

Clinical Trials

Clinical Trial on mild-moderate plaque psoriasis patients is ongoing

Marketed in Israel

Approved by Israeli Ministry of Health as cosmetic product

Marketed in Europe

MiBiome was notified in Europe and approved for human use as cosmetic product.

Marketed in USA


MiBiome™ is innovative topical suspension. The idea behind MiBiome™ is to impact the dermal microbiomeMiBiome™ is a probiotic for the skin.

Shake the bottle WELL before each use. You should wash the skin with soap and water and towel or air dry before applying MiBiome™. MiBiome™  should only be applied to clean, dry skin. MiBiome™ should be applied at least twice daily, morning and evening.  You should wait a few minutes (2-5 minutes) before covering the area with clothing.  Optimally, expose the area to direct sunlight (not through a window) after application.

Yes, MiBiome™ should only be applied to clean, dry skin.

You can apply MiBiome™ as often as you like. We recommend at least two applications daily, morning and evening. MiBiome™ is an all natural cosmetic product.

The best practice is using MiBiome™ is on daily basis at least for 60 days, or as long as needed.

We offer MiBiome™ in 30ml (1 oz) and 50ml (1.7 oz)  bottles.

This depends on the body surface area over which you apply MiBiome™.

MiBiome™ loves a bit of sunshine; five minutes out in moderate sunlight is advised after applying MiBiome™ to your skin.

You can use MiBiome™  after tanning or photo-therapy sessions.

Use MiBiome™ twice daily for 60 days. If it doesn’t work for you, you’ll get your money back!

Discount code can be applied at the Shop page, after adding product to Cart. 

No, you can’t apply MiBiome™ on open wounds.

For external use only Use only as directed. Do not swallow. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes. Do not apply if there is a known sensitivity to any of the ingredients. Stop using the product if any allergic reaction or discomfort develops. If you are pregnant or breast-feeding, ask a heath professional before use. Do not use if container is damaged.

DO NOT apply MiBiome™ to open wounds!

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